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VEPOWER Project Essex (UK)

Project Essex is VEPOWER's power plant project to be developed in the East of England. It is VEPOWER’s latest bioenergy power plant.  It is being developed as a smaller capacity plant (~1.7MWe) to act as a showroom example of the Company’s proprietary fuel and heat management technologies.

The plant will comprise three 560kWe diesel generators running on the Company’s third generation biofuel.  Heat derived from the generator exhausts and parasitic electrical power will be used to provide energy for the fuel production process.    The designs look to promise ultra high efficiencies in excess of 60%, a super low carbon footprint for the energy supplied and a minimal visual impact on the site (indistinguishable in a typical industrial unit on a business park in Essex).

CO2 footprint

The plant will utilise a combination of the latest proven technologies to reduce energy wastage. A normal diesel engine wastes >50% of the energy from the fuel as heat radiated from the cooling and lubrication or engine block and as heat in the exhaust gases. VEPOWER is employing a combination of solutions to reduce this waste to an absolute minimum.

Run of the mill power stations burn copious amounts of fossil fuels (mainly gas and coal in the UK) to generate electricity. VEPOWER’s plants will consume recovered organic waste carefully blended with small amounts of specially cultivated sustainable energy crops (a ‘third generation bio-fuel’, not biodiesel). Since the plants which yielded this fuel were consuming carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere mere months previous, the plants will not emit gases that may contribute to global warming.

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