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VEPOWER signs exclusivity agreement for 50,000 hectare bioenergy plantation in West Africa

In order to add to secured supplies of biofuel, VEPOWER is investing in and seeking fellow investors for an established plantation company in West Africa. The African company has 50,000 ha of land unsuitable for food production, with 100 ha already planted

The plantation grows Jatropha curcas, the emerging leader in commercial bio-fuel crops. Jatropha has a major advantage over many oil crops as it is not used in food production. Further Jatropha has been cultivated in Africa for many decades, being used for fuel as well as applications such as soap making.

VEPOWER does not see Jatropha as a ‘wonder-crop’ as numerous proponents have cried. VEPOWER understands that great effort is needed as well as sensitive management to reap healthy yields that can help redress the UK’s carbon balance.

The project plans include the need for social projects in the local area. Two villages border the plantation site. These will benefit from improved infrastructure and enhanced employment opportunities.

Take note:
  • VEPOWER is seeking fellow investors for an established plantation.

  • Neither the land or crop species is used in food production.

  • This project can help redress the UK’s carbon balance.