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VEPOWER energy

Electricity supplies: VEPOWER is making extremely low carbon electricity supplies available to commercial clients in the UK. With VEPOWER’s third generation biofuel the carbon footprint of the power produced is only 12gCO2eq/kW.

carbon footprint of power types

With electricity distributed by the National grid and local networks VEPOWER can supply this sustainable power to any commercial clients.

Combined heat and power (CHP) and trigen: The technology enabling VEPOWER to produce such low carbon energy as above is available to any commercial client seeking in house generation and can be augmented with combined heat and power (CHP) or trigen (with cooling).

VEPOWER’s technology enables the use of virgin or used vegetable oils in standard diesel engines with no change to the service intervals. The Company’s proprietary heat battery technology enables the use of the heat (either directly as heat or indirectly via absorption chilling) at very precise temperatures and also intense bursts. Temperatures from 50 to 400 degrees centigrade (120 – 750 Fahrenheit) can be delivered.

VEPOWER’s CHP system can be used in industrial and commercial settings. Retail and offices can be provided with power, heat and cooling as needed. Domestic developments can be provided with energy, the heat deliverable can be sufficient for cooking purposes. Where more heat than electricity is required, the battery is designed to be further powered up with electric elements or boiler feed.

Take note:
  • VEPOWER energy has a low carbon footprint of only 12gCO2eq/kW.

  • The Company’s proprietary heat battery technology enables the use of the heat at very precise temperatures from 50 to 400 degrees centigrade.